ACCelerate Mentor Coaching

Embark on a transformative 3-month virtual live course aimed at enhancing coaching abilities, preparing for ICF ACC certification, and advancing career progression in the coaching sector. Through a blend of group sessions and individualized mentor coaching, participants receive 10-hours of invaluable insights tailored to their specific needs. With a maximum of 8 individuals per cohort, this nurturing and inclusive space fosters collaboration and growth.

Note: This course can also be customized to achieve 10-hours of mentor coaching within a one-on-one environment.

CareerLaunch Navigator

Tailored to support interns, individual contributors, new managers, or anyone on their path to professional success, CareerLaunch Navigator is a comprehensive program offering essential skills and knowledge. From Career Development Fundamentals, Effective Time Management, Professional Communication Skills, Setting and Achieving Goals to Navigating Workplace Dynamics, each topic is customizable to fit various formats, including full-day workshops, lunch and learns, and group sessions

Elevate Your Impact

Experience profound transformation through personalized one-on-one coaching aimed at elevating your professional journey. Leveraging DISC & Motivators alongside other potent resources, this program cultivates self-confidence, refines communication skills, and empowers authentic leadership. With customized strategies and actionable plans, participants confidently accelerate their leadership growth and leave a lasting impact in their roles.

Real Colors®

Unlock the power of effective communication and personal insight with Real Colors®. This dynamic workshop utilizes a personality type test to dive into human behavior and uncover individual styles. By understanding the four distinct personality colors – Blue, Gold, Orange and Green – and their characteristics, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and enhanced communication. Whether conducted onsite or online, these workshops equip participants with invaluable skills for personal and professional success.

Additional offerings to enhance any of our services

Unlock your full potential across key dimensions crucial for success with action360™, a powerful assessment tool designed to elevate your leadership impact. By receiving anonymous feedback from peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders, action360™ provides invaluable insights into your behavior and impact, empowering you to maximize your influence and achieve exceptional results. From building credibility to generating momentum, this innovative assessment guides individuals, teams, and organizations on a journey of growth and achievement, fostering a culture of excellence and success.

DISC & Motivators

Gain invaluable insights into your behavioral preferences, communication style, and motivational drivers with DISC & Motivators assessments. 

The benefits of DISC & Motivators include:

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Improved communication
  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness
  • Personal and professional development

DISC & Motivators measure observable behaviors and are suitable for individuals at all levels of any organization; these assessments enhance self-awareness, improve communication, and foster personal and professional development.

VIA Character Strengths

Discover and harness your strengths with a free assessment designed to unlock your full potential. Understanding your character strengths is the first step towards living a more fulfilling and authentic life. By identifying your strengths and learning how to leverage them effectively, you can increase your confidence, build stronger relationships, reduce stress, and achieve greater success in all areas of your life. Take the assessment today and start your journey towards personal growth and empowerment.

Click here to take your free assessment.

Note: you will need to create an account. You can receive your top 5 strengths free. You’re under no obligation to purchase any other reports.

As a certified group coaching expert, we specialize in designing and facilitating cohort-based programs that harness the power of small group dynamics. Our programs offer an intimate conversation space where participants can focus on setting and achieving their goals, deepening self-awareness around key issues, taking action, and being held accountable for their progress. One of the key benefits of our approach is peer-to-peer learning, where participants gain wisdom and insight from one another’s experiences, creating a supportive and collaborative environment for growth and development.

Note: you will need to create an account. You can receive your top 5 strengths free. You’re under no obligation to purchase any other reports.

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