Certified Personal & Executive Coach

I specialize in guiding professionals at various stages of their careers, including individual contributors, interns, managers, and new coaches, who may feel stagnant, overlooked, or uncertain. My focus is on empowering them to navigate their professional journeys with clarity, confidence, and authenticity, ensuring they can achieve their goals while staying true to their unique identities. Are you ready to embark on a path of growth and fulfillment?

What People Say

L. Desina

“Pam is the BEST coach EVER! She really helped me to look deeper inside to stop procrastinating and unlock the natural talents within me. She was the boast I needed to start taking action and it got me out of my seat. I am grateful for her sincerity, transparency, patience and encouragement. “

V. Duncan

“My experience with my coach was amazing. Before I had a coach, I was afraid and did not believe in myself. It really helps to have a plan and to have someone making sure I meet my goals, holding me accountable. In the beginning of our coaching I was all over the place. I want to do this, I want to do that, I just kept changing. There was one I had changed, to start back with photography, but to be honest that was something I figured the easiest. Pam continues to ask me challenging questions. She continued to pull out of me what I really have a passion for.”

D. Ogunwale

“Pam is a highly effective coach. She is a catalyst to help you design your own way to your goals. This helped me take responsibility for my own results. She kept me accountable, ensuring we leave every meeting with action items, and reviewed those action items at the next meeting. Even when certain action items were not met, Pam would not make you feel guilty but would help you work through developing a plan that works. Pam is a great listener, and a great sounding board. She knows just how to respond and the best questions to ask. I felt encouraged and inspired. I strongly recommend Pam as a coach to anyone who is ready to take their self-development to the next level.”

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