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Accelerating change…one goal at a time!

Are you prepared to trust your path and live your truth?

Change is inevitable and my mission is to help you live unapologetically and empower you to dream big, loud, and brightly for the world to see that you have awakened. I offer a unique coaching experience for working professionals by helping them build their confidence to find their voice and walk in the world with authenticity, integrity, and purpose.

As a professional, are you stretched thin without a scalable approach? Having to take on more responsibility, with the adage of “do more with less” is often the norm but being more productive with fewer resources can put your performance in jeopardy. Does this sound like you?

  • Struggling with lack of awareness of your strengths and values
  • Challenging with establishing yourself as a professional
  • Anxious about “what’s next”
  • Overwhelmed with a sense of stagnation, unsure of how to move forward

Let me introduce myself, I’m Pam, a Strategic Transformation Coach! I have always had a passion for developing people and believe everyone has the potential to operate in their greatness.

Ultimately, my vision is to encourage professionals to be the best version of themselves by showing up every day at every moment, to lean in for every opportunity, and OWN it!

To make this vision a reality, I help professionals [like yourself] who desire change in their lives, both personally or professionally, gain clarity by:

  • Identifying what your change is;
  • Recognizing and addressing obstacles that could prevent you from progressing;
  • Creating a strategy to accomplish your desired outcome.

If this motivates and inspires you, let’s collaborate and help you soar to new heights of success!

Coaching 101 for Professionals

As an accredited Strategic Transformation Coach, I work with career professionals across the country, helping them thrive to be effective in the workplace, regardless of their field type or experience level. I help my clients leverage their current skills to improve their performance by identifying their developmental challenges to ensure they are positioned for success. I take great pride in the progress and victory of my clients – my transformation coaching sessions empower workplace professionals to discover how to postion themselve to elevate their team and promote effective communication, impactful decisions, and productive collaboration that yield advanced business progression and positive results. By uplifting my clients with a clear vision to address their professional role’s criteria and equipping them with influential tools, clients are adept to achieve their aspirations and generate result-driven outcomes.

Beyond the workforce, I also specialize in life coaching through my company Pam Reaves Coaching & Consulting LLC. This firm is where working professionals can learn to embrace change for the better, gain a new perspective with positivity, and live out their purpose, in both business and life. With my development expertise, I utilize my insights to inspire professionals to seize all their opportunities with confidence. I intend to encourage my clients to believe in themselves and take advantage of their strengths. The primary focus  is to prompt such individuals to live with self-trust, transparency, and sincerity in all they do. My goal is to enable business professionals to take pride in who they are so they can appreciate valuable transformation within their daily lives.

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.”

Robert H. Schuller

As a professional, you have the power to influence and lead. Your peers and teams will look to you to make high-powered decisions, operate with authority, and bring order to chaos. Partnering with me as your strategic transformation coach, you will increase your confidence, be more self-driven, and take the lead in building a solid foundation for your organization. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to collaborating you.


1:1 Coaching Program

Plan Your Success

A versatile program that offers customized solutions for personal and professional development. Topics covered: life, career, relationships, goal setting, skills, performance reviews, productivity, and other areas that would be beneficial to meet your needs. Regardless of your career sector or expertise, this program is beneficial to identify your wants/needs as both an individual and a business professional. This program is designed to assist you with owning your power in the workplace and the world, making you a leader in your field and everyday life!

VIP Deep Dive

Professional Development Plan

As a workplace professional, you must have a development plan in place to outline your success. This program is an individual 2-hour VIP session to help you craft applicable steps to achieve your personal and professional goals. A character strengths assessment will be provide in addition to discussing values and key essential skills needed to accelearate you from current state to future state. You will walk away with bold confidence, strength, and focus as you pursue your endeavors and uphold your career position.

Vision to Reality Workshop

Vision Board Virtual Workshop

A fun, interactive 90-minute workshop that will help you identify your top five priorities and create a framework to form your professional action plan. The intention of  this workshop is to empower working professionals with authoritative awareness, colleague connections, and realistic goals that benefit the entire workforce. Individuals are challenged to sustain their valuable positions with a positive perspective to make a difference in their organizations operations and outcomes.


D. Ogunwale

“Pam is a highly effective coach. She is a catalyst to help you design your own way to your goals. This helped me take responsibility for my own results. She kept me accountable, ensuring we leave every meeting with action items, and reviewed those action items at the next meeting. Even when certain action items were not met, Pam would not make you feel guilty but would help you work through developing a plan that works. Pam is a great listener, and a great sounding board. She knows just how to respond and the best questions to ask. I felt encouraged and inspired. I strongly recommend Pam as a coach to anyone who is ready to take their self-development to the next level.”

V. Duncan

“My experience with my coach was amazing. Before I had a coach, I was afraid and did not believe in myself. It really helps to have a plan and to have someone making sure I meet my goals, holding me accountable. In the beginning of our coaching I was all over the place. I want to do this, I want to do that, I just kept changing. There was one I had changed, to start back with photography, but to be honest that was something I figured the easiest. Pam continues to ask me challenging questions. She continued to pull out of me what I really have a passion for.”

L. Desina

“Pam is the BEST coach EVER! She really helped me to look deeper inside to stop procrastinating and unlock the natural talents within me. She was the boast I needed to start taking action and it got me out of my seat. I am grateful for her sincerity, transparency, patience and encouragement. “

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